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When it comes to choosing an electric storage water heater for condo and landed house private residential in Singapore, it's to consider several factors. include the dimensional size, hot water capacity and sitting position of the water heater to ensure it fits in the tight space above the false ceiling, as well as its maintenance accessibility, energy efficiency and safety to meet the necessary. With these considerations in mind, you can select a suitable water heater your needs.

There are many water heater brands and models in the market, however not all are recommended to be fitted above false ceiling for the use of private residential condominiums and landed houses. If you are Looking for the best water heater in Singapore for your condominium or landed house, we've got you covered! With years of accumulated experience, we know exactly what you need and're confident that we can provide you with the perfect water heater solution for your home. Trust us to deliver exceptional service and top-quality products that will exceed your.

Sincerely without bias, let us the truly professional water heater plumber recommend a few best water heater for your condominium or landed house.


Rheem Electric Storage Water HeaterFor Condo & Landed House 2024

Rheem is a renowned global brand that has earned the trust of many developers in Singapore for its exceptional performance in private residential property development. Its consistent and reliable performance ensures that you can enjoy hot water until the water heater's lifespan is due, provided it is installed and commissioned properly.



Joven Water Heater

Joven Electric Storage Water Heater For
Condo & Landed House 2024

Joven water heater Singapore is made from high-quality materials that are and rupture-resistant, ensuring durability and stellar performance. It's perfect for condominiums or landed houses with tight false ceiling space, and all spare parts are replaceable. Plus, our stainless steel water heater tank is one of the most-lasting on the market, saving you the trouble of constantly cutting and replacing the tank.


Ariston Electric Storage Water Heater For Condo & Landed House 2024

For those residing in condominiums with tight false ceiling space, Ariston Pro R S (Slim) series presents an ideal solution. This series boasts one of the slimmest cylinder water heater tanks available in Singapore, making it a perfect fit for compact living spaces. Its sleek design and efficient performance make it a reliable choice for seeking a space-saving and high-quality water heating solution. Choose Ariston Pro R S (Slim) series for a premium heating experience.

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