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  • We can *match any water heater price because we know water heater supply chain deeply.
    We have been providing water heater plumber services in Singapore for several tens years. Although the water heater business environment in Singapore has gone through few stages of evolution and changes, moreover our deeply involve in the water heater products and services has gain us advantages and razor sharp insight about water heater pricing.

    There are many channels or places you can choose and buy water heaters. Mainly you can buy direct from water heater manufacturers (such as Rheem, Joven, Viessmann, Ariston, Champs), major home appliances retails (such as Gaincity, Courts, Harvey Norman), brand dealers or resellers, small hardware shops, bathroom and sanitary shops, old school builder suppliers, e-commerce site (such as Lazada, Shopee).
    However do you able to avoid the downfall of each water heater purchase regardless of which channel?

    Are you advised by honestly authentic experienced and technically sound personnel?
    Are you buying the most suitable water heaters with the best price?
    Are you able to find a trustworthy and reliable water heater plumbing service provider after purchase?
    Are you getting the water heater product and service promptly?
    In short,  as an expert of water heater plumbing service provider we don't really sell products, but rather our focus are providing water heater plumbing services promptly. Thus it is just a value added service for delivering the right water heater products at very competitive price to customers who trusted us. In fact, you can even purchase from any above channel and then engage us for the water heater plumbing service.

  • We know every water heater brand and product inside out.
    With our several tens years of first front line ground experiences in handling water heater issues, diagnosing water heater problems and providing water heater technical solutions, basically we have overseen many water heaters from from cradle to grave and thus gain true insightful knowledge about choosing water heater. 

  • We provide great technical know how and professional plumbing services before and after sales. 
    You are at the peace of mind to engage with us even before you make any water heater purchase at any place, We don't even mind you do not buy water heater from us, as long as you trust us for the water heater plumbing installation services for the water heater you bought elsewhere.  Of course you will save money & time if you buy water heater from us. 

    * If bundle purchase with our water heater plumber services and true price comparison is presented. 

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